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Sledgehammer Studio is an award-winning, full-service film production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to develop authentic film concepts that tell their brand’s story. Through a core team of nimble and multi-disciplinary creatives, we then develop these ideas into films and campaigns that captivate the heart and imagination and forge enduring connections with a brand’s customers and clients.

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Connected by trail series
Overberg Meander
Honey Fashion
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It's all still Here series
N12 Treasure route
Water Survivalists


What we do


This is where the fun starts. We apply thorough research to understand all aspects of your brand and customer and construct unique film campaign ideas that are purposeful, strategic and authentic.


Our nimble, well-connected and multi-disciplinary team is able to work efficiently and effectively to bring your film concept to life within your budget.


With years of filmmaking experience and a formidable body of work under the belt, our team has a knack for capturing the human narrative in a way that inspires the heart and the imagination.


From the magic of the edit to professional cinematic colour grading, we craft a polished product that engages your audience on any platform, and in any format.

The Team

Who we are

Rubert Fitchet

Rubert comes from a background in documentary filmmaking and journalism. His curiosity for people and their stories, combined with his fascination with current affairs, means he has a knack for telling a good story across genres and cultures in a way that resonates. Early on in his career he saw a need for a simplified, adaptable film production process, which ultimately inspired the founding of Sledgehammer Studio.

Rory Appleton

Throughout his career in film, Rory has made a point to understand and become intimately familiar with each part of the filmmaking process, believing strongly that the master is he who remains a student of his craft. In this way he has cultivated a holistic understanding of the medium of film and its power to tell stories, and is a passionate, curious and capable film director with an uncompromising streak of perfectionism.

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